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Multi-functional Baby Ring Sling, Baby Carrier, Bundled with a Pacifier Clip

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Color: Heather Gray 

Dimensions: 79 x 21 x 0.3 inches

🚼 Putting on your Sling:

To wear the sling, you'll first need to decide which hand you'd like to keep free. Whichever hand you choose, put your other arm through the opening of the baby sling and bring it over your head.
Ensure the rings are near your shoulder as you bring the sling over your head. It should lay across/on your body like a sash.
Allow the sling's fabric to spread over your shoulder evenly, then take the rings in hand and tighten the sling by pulling the end piece of fabric with your free hand. Leave just enough room to put the baby in. 

🚼 Video instructions (by other users) are available on YouTube:

(We didn't create the videos, but we highly recommend you follow them. Thanks to their creators!)

Threading a Sling (by Zolowear):

Upright Newborn (by Peppermint):

Upright newborn, with breastfeeding (by Peppermint):

Upright older baby, legs out (by Zolowear):

Cradle hold for newborns, opposite rings (by Zolowear):

Cradle holds for newborns, ringside (by Zolowear):

Kangaroo carry (by Peppermint):

Hip carry (by Peppermint):

 The Safety of all Baby Carriers and Ring Slings Depends on The Users.

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