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Kids Star Athlete Sports Travel Tray, Bundled With a Handy Water Bottle

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Make Traveling Fun With The Kids Travel Tray                        Keep your child entertained and relaxed on your next trip with this sturdy, easy-to-use travel tray. It's durable, long-lasting, spill-proof, and versatile to meet the ever-changing needs of kids and parents alike. With a solid, flat surface and plenty of pocket space for toys, crayons, markers, and more, this simple but ingenious product will turn your child's car seat, booster, or stroller into a mobile learning and activity center.

Made With Families In Mind
Every parent knows that traveling with a small child can sometimes be stressful, with long delays and nothing to do that will hold a child's attention. This product solves those problems and makes traveling a breeze for you and your child. The closure buckle lock keeps everything in place and secure while on the road or in the air and everywhere in between. Plus, the waterproof, eco-friendly material and foldable design with a mesh zipper pocket underneath the tray for finished and stored papers make cleanup simple once you reach your destination.

Instead of being bored on the next trip during those long hours on the road or on a plane, your child can entertain themself, choosing from several toys and activities they can store in the pockets and compartments. Puzzles, games, action figures – this product has room for everything. Your child will enjoy it so much that they may even want to use it at home, and that's not a problem. This product works just as well with high chairs and kid's chairs at home as it does on the go. Now, anytime can be a fun time, anywhere you want.

👌 Sturdy edges/sides to keep things from rolling off the tray and within arm's reach
👌 Foldable design for space-saving, Eco-Friendly & durable material
👌 Closure Buckle Lock and Waterproof
👌 Plenty of Pocket space for map colors, toys, crayons, markers, and more

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